Abiotic: Everything is a Learning Experience

Recap of the last abiotic experience.

No Pollinators Allowed! followed the introduction of the abiotic study. A task that requires C. americana, a light meter, UV meter, a tape measure, flower tags, flower racks, data loggers (Sunny Sasha, Sunny Katy, Shady John, Slim Shady, and Universal Donor), pencils, pens, cages, etc. among other things.

Now, as work on the fine-tuning and mastery of the abiotic study progresses, we had help, close inspection, and experienced advice from Dr. Galloway and Matt Koski. They, having worked on a precursor to the study that is being observed today, held great insight on the working and tweaking of the study that is being done at OARDC, concerning the abiotic. They observed the set up, including the de- and re- assemblable cages, the timing and position of the light and UV measurements, the advised measuring UV and light both outside and inside the cages (which was a brilliant move, because who knew that tulle is secretly extremely thick). They also helped with the selection of the flowers that will go into the arrays themselves, in the process, reassuring us that light and dark pollen are on their way. Within the laboratory they also recommended the use of a desk lamp to help aid in the pollen germination period.

We are all very happy that Dr. Galloway and Matt Koski were happy with how all of our studies have been progressing, and we look forward to seeing how the studies will continue to grow (literally and figuratively). Dr. Galloway and Matt are now on their way to China, we wish them a safe trip!