Welcome to the Ison Lab!

Members of the Ison lab have research interests are in ecology, conservation biology, and ecological genetics. We study how anthropogenic (i.e. human-induced) alterations to natural areas are affecting population persistence of native plant populations. In North America, nearly all of our natural areas have been fragmented, and many populations are small and isolated. For instance, approximately 90% of the pre-European settlement old growth forest has been destroyed, and less than 1% of the pre-settlement prairie remains. The fragmentation and loss of habitats mean that the remaining native plant populations are often subject to the ecological and genetic consequences of small population sizes. Our research examines how flowering time, plant density, and pollinator taxa affects population persistence across a fragmented landscape.

Ison lab 2016-2017! Senior IS student (left to right) Mallorey, Leah, Alyson, Alex, and Jennifer Ison with Zachary.